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Bruni Glass Group is currently composed by an Italian company and three companies based abroad.

Bruni Glass S.p.A, A Berlin Packaging Company

Bruni Glass was founded in 1974 in Milan.

Since 1989, the office and warehouse in Trezzano s/N (Milan) has served as the main global headquarters.

Bruni Glass Torino was founded in March 1978 in Turin under the name of Torino Vetro. In 1996, the company moved into the current location, a larger facility in Via Olivetti. This company carries out its activity mainly in North-West Italy.

In 2009 the companies “Firenze Vetro” and “Vetro Special” located in Acquasparta were acquired by Bruni Glass S.p.A.. This merger established Bruni Glass Centrosud, having a main headquarters and warehouse in Acquasparta (Terni) and a second significant warehouse in Montalcino. This company carries out its activity mainly in Central and Southern Italy.

In 2016, Bruni Glass joined with Berlin Packaging, leading packaging company which supplies glass, plastic, metal packaging and closures. Berlin Packaging has its main headquarter in Chicago and other offices and warehouses across North America and Canada.

Bruni Glass France S.a.s.
In 2011 the French distributors “Tout pour la Cave” and “Verrerie de Nice” were acquired by the newly constituted Bruni Glass France. The new company is based in Contes, near Nice, and has exclusive control of the French market.

Bruni Glass Vidremar S.L.
In 2015 Bruni Glass S.p.A. acquired the majority share of Vidremar S.L., hence establishing Bruni Glass Vidremar S.L. in Spain. With an extensive offering of glass models and well-established service network, the new company allows for widespread coverage of the iberian market.

Bruni Erben Ltd
In 2018 Berlin Packaging and Bruni Glass acquired England-based H. Erben Ltd., a supplier of closures, packaging, and packaging equipment to the food and drinks sectors. The company was rebranded as Bruni Erben, a Berlin Packaging Company.

Verrerie Calvet
In 2019 Berlin Packaging acquires Verrerie Calvet, a supplier of packagingin based in Aimargues, Southern France. The company offers glass bottles and jars along with a wide range of metal containers, closures, and specialty boxes and bags for transporting and shipping wine and oil. Verrerie Calvet also offers glass customization and decoration, including an in-house screen-printing service.