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Bruni  supplies worldwide a wide range of special glass containers, many of which are conceived in its internal technical department in cooperation with glass factories.

In 1997 Bruni launched "Progetto Millennio“, which is now “Bruni Glass Design Award”, a biannual design contest  aimed at developing new glass shapes and using students from top European design schools.


The range of “special glass containers” is currently divided into four market segments: food containers, containers for gourmet products (oil, vinegar and similar), bottles for spirits, bottles for wine.

There are 550 shapes that are eventually divided into different combinations of capacities, mouths, and other design elements thus creating a range of over 3,000 items.

The range offered by Bruni is not limited to glass containers; it also includes different closing systems with natural or synthetic corks or other plastic, wood or glass systems. In relation to jars, Bruni can supply different closures in materials that can withstand special heat treatments (pasteurization and sterilization) for food preservation.

Some of our containers, although they were not conceived for the cosmetic market, have eventually been selected as packaging for bath salts, fragrance diffusers, liquid soaps and creams.

Chemical and pharmaceutical products
Our range includes glass containers for pharmaceutical products (sodium-calcium glass with law alkaline content  type II or type III USP and FE) as well as different accessories such as small pumps or child-proof capsules, etc.