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Bruni Glass


A Berlin Packaging Company

Bruni Glass was founded in Milan in 1974 under the name of Vetrerie Bruni, and it started its activity in the sector of glass containers for food products (jars) and pharmaceutical products (bottles) and their accessories (e.g., capsules).

In 1992 Vetrerie Bruni increased its focus on technical solutions aimed at improving product packaging. The company also expanded into bottles for spirits, wine, oil and vinegar – and also entered the United States with distribution partners.

In 1997 Vetrerie Bruni opened its own subsidiary in North America, which now has offices in the USA and Canada. It also began developing more custom bottles for customers with a design team. This internal staff of designers and engineers are today a critical element that makes Bruni one of the leading innovative companies in the packaging market.

In 2009 the company changed its name to Bruni Glass, highlighting the company’s international approach. The company also expanded in Italy with the acquisitions of Firenze Vetro and Vetrospecial.

In 2011 Bruni Glass France was founded through the acquisition of two French distributing companies, Tout pour la Cave and also Verrerie de Nice.

In 2014 Bruni Glass acquired Vetrerie Betti of Turin, a well-respected company that expanded Bruni’s product and customer reach.

In 2015 Bruni Glass acquired the majority share of Vidremar in Spain, hence establishing Bruni Glass Vidremar to serve the Iberian market extensively.

In 2016 Bruni Glass joined with Berlin Packaging. Berlin Packaging, which supplies glass, plastic, and metal packaging and components, is the largest and top-performing company of its kind in North America. Berlin acquired Bruni in November, 2016. The acquisition brought together two world-class suppliers of rigid packaging products and services. The combined company had 2016 total turnover of more than US$1.2 billion, 100+ sales and warehouse locations across North America and Europe, and a portfolio of more than 40,000 glass, plastic, and metal container and closure items.

In 2018 Berlin Packaging and Bruni Glass acquired England-based H. Erben Ltd., a supplier of closures, packaging, and packaging equipment to the food and drinks sectors. The company was rebranded as Bruni Erben, a Berlin Packaging Company.

And the story continues …