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Proposal of "Bruni Glass Design Award"

Bruni Glass and young designers

“Bruni Glass Design Award” - initially launched under the name of “Progetto Millennio”- has the aim to create a synergy between design schools and the  working world, by offering to young students and to future designers a unique opportunity to test their skills in the crucial link between theory and practice.

Thanks to the support of teachers, this opportunity is offered in a very well developed group of school programs. These academic programs are supported by Bruni Glass technical staff, whose deep experience in glass design and production guides the development of each project. The competition offers an opportunity to the fresh creativity of young students to interact with the technical requirements of the glass industry.

Right from the first edition the relationship between young students and schools created an enthusiastic approach and created surprising and positive ideas.

Going through a real 6-months’ workshop  and a very demanding selection process, after four sessions of intense analysis, 20 projects are selected for the public’s judgement. Here are the finalist projects and the winners of the different editions of the European Design Competition “Bruni Glass Design Award”.

All projects are registered with copyright by Bruni Glass


Winners and finalists of the 14th edition


previous editions