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Bruni Glass together with its technicians follows and gives advice to its customers in the  study of custom-made closing systems. This activity combines technical and design elements: from the selection of the materials to the manufacturing process and finally the shapes to obtain the best result in order to also guarantee the perfect product preservation. As usual, special attention is reserved to the aesthetic side as well.


In North America and Canada,  Bruni Glass & Labrenta joint their professional skills to provide their customers a full and tailor-made service: high quality glass, design and customized caps.



In addition to the standard ranges, decorated aluminum capsules can be manufactured.
Special capsules are available for spirits and oil and vinegar, with new non refillable pourers, with different protection levels and special gaskets to allow a controlled flow , with or without pourer, that can be adapted to different market requirements.




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PVC-FREE Closing systems
Food industry has been looking for many years for compounds PVC-free   for the preservation of food products. The project (new PVC FREE  gasket ) was born about 30 years ago (1985) with crown caps for sparkling drinks.
Pano Verschluss Gmbh is the first manufacturer to offer this solution also for glass jars with twist off clousure  for the food industry.
The main advantage of Pvc-free Blue Seal closures is the low migration of plastic material inside the food product in the container. 


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