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Covid-19 Our Commitment During the Emergency


Bruni Glass confirms that we are continuing the regular course of business. Despite the latest restrictions agreed by the Italian Government on the shutdown of almost all industrial production and offices nationwide in order to stop the spread of COVID-19, the supply of packaging for food has been considered an essential service to guarantee the functioning of the agri-food supply chain. Here are the measures we continue to apply to secure our collaborators and employees and allow them to carry out their work.

Work from home
Most of our colleagues work from home. Vital departments are working from our sites to keep the business running. The departments involved will be working on a rotation basis, with a maximum occupancy of 30%, never outnumbering two people per office and keeping a two-meter distance from each other.

No incoming and no outgoing visits
Nobody, except for our employees and contractors, can access our offices. Visits to other parties are limited. Therefore, travelling is restricted, compliant to the Government instructions.

Digital meetings
All Meetings are happening via video or teleconference. Face-to-face internal meetings only occur when strictly necessary, always complying with the social distancing measures.

Warehouse remain open
Our warehouse will be open for shipment/delivery and the access to external operators will be allowed in compliance with the instructions provided by the Risk Assessment Document. Additional measures and clear rules have been provided to our warehouse staff on the use of work tools and social contacts.

Extra cleansing of workplace
Special cleaning operations take place every day with the correct contaminated material disposal. We also make sure the correct air exchange every two hours and the sanitation of the workstation every four hours during the working day.

Personal responsibility

We expect our colleagues to act responsibly in their private life likewise: we ask our employees to limit the use of public transport, whenever possible, and keep behaving responsibility and good hygiene practices. It is also requested to take one’s temperature daily. If mild flu symptoms occur, abstention from work is compulsory.

Extra hygiene measures have been taken. On this page below you can find some of the precautions. Hand sanitizer and safety equipment, such as masks and disposable gloves have been made available.

We are fully aligned and adhering to the most updated Ministerial Decree and its indications on how to properly manage our activities.

What will you notice?

Extra motivation

You probably already know us as a highly motivated company, always striving to give you the best service level possible. In this situation we are united more than ever and determined to do all the extra necessary to get things done.


Regular communications
Email activity will be regular and phone calls will be taken. Everyone in our organization will be available by email and/or telephone and these will be our main ways of communicating.

Hygiene Precautions

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 • Wash your hands often during the day, especially after using the toilet, (every 2 hours for 20 seconds).
 • Take a shower daily, changing clothes before going to the workplace.
 • Do not touch your face, eyes, nose, mouth.
 • Do not shake hands / embrace in greeting.
 • Do not sneeze in the face of others.
 • Bring the mouth to the crease of your elbow in case of coughing or sneezing.
 • Keep at least 2 meters distance, away from each other (social distancing: increased, before it was 1 meter).