Innovation Center BRUNI GLASS


An exclusive and well recognizable customized design of a container is an added value for its content as well. 
We can work with you to create innovative packaging and unique designs for enhanced brand recognition and even greater customer engagement. We can guide you from start to finish, through glass design, custom closures & bespoke product labels creating a look to be proud of & which will stand out in the busy marketplace.


Thanks to the highly specialised technicians Bruni Glass is now able to interpret and give shape to the needs of its Customers by offering the chance to create top quality customisations that simulate the main industrial decoration processes most used by the best companies in the industry (screen printing, pad printing, hot stamping).

We are available to assist you in defining the ideal graphic solution; modifying, resizing and adapting the decoration to containers of different types and shapes.
In addition to bottles and jars, it is also possible to produce decorated samples of capsules, caps and other accessories.


The request is analyzed and discussed by the entire technical department together with the commercial one, that has direct contact with the customer. This will easily identify the guidelines of the project. Freehand drawing gives interpretation and shape to the preliminary ideas. Depending on the complexity of the request, we implement the preliminary sketches that remains within the company and are never shown to the customer, so that we have a guide to proceed with the 3D.

2D drawing is what our salesmen send to the customer to propose and formalize the offer.
When the final design is approved it can be sent to the glass factory for production.
In our activity we are very careful about glass production standard specifications and technical details.

The 3D model of the bottle or jar is made with our 3D CAD Software and it is identical to the glass we will provide.
Glass manufacturers often use our 3D model to produce molds, especially for more complex shapes, thus saving a lot of time.

We carry out the rendering of the empty, the fi lled and the labeled bottles and jars as well, this step is not done for all projects but only upon customer request.
From the 3D drawing a photorealistic image of the bottle or container can be displayed, using our 3D computer graphics software for rendering, we obtain a 2d image that is post-produced with digital photo editing.

We have a 3D printer for internal use to implement a resin prototype for the correct evaluation of the forms.
We process all our internal projects, with the development of new lines and lately this service is required by almost every client.
It takes only one day from the request to the shipment of the prototype, because our 3D model is already suitable for the printer, and the cost is relatively low. This tool has been proved very useful for correcting shapes and defects that were not easily understood from the virtual 3D model.
The client holding a physical model chooses the design more quickly and with greater security.

Once the customer has accepted the project, we move on to the sampling of the glass and any decoration.

Bruni Glass offers to its customers technologies that makes possible the creation of graphic effects with both 100% coverage and a scalable percentage of transparency, as well as shades with high-output tonal passages and simulation of double-sided decorations.  These prints can be put on bottles and jars that are cylindrical, shaped with flat faces, slightly convex or with a taper angle that is not too accentuated.  Colour printing can be combined with all other technical solutions, in order to achieve a more substantial mock-up.

The gloss finish is definitely a bonus that greatly enhances the image of the packaging of Bruni Glass customers, who increasingly request this option in order to improve the quality of the decoration. Using this technique, it is possible to give greater emphasis to certain details of the graphics or a gloss effect applied to the entire decorated surface. Gloss varnishing is also very widespread because it allows you to protect the print itself from abrasion, wear and any damage caused by external factors.

Another possibility is simulating the hot stamping process, which is now in great demand as part of countless decoration techniques, benefi ting the overall elegance of the packaging. The application of foil is possible on all the graphic design or on parts of it, even using different materials at the same time. There are, in fact, multiple finishes and colours in addition to the classic gold or silver effects that the Innovation Center is able to simulate.

Customers increasingly wish to customise their articles, or those offered by Bruni Glass, with writing and logos in relief on the glass. We are able to simulate this technique, “embossing” on multiple containers with different shapes and volumes, allowing the customer to quickly evaluate the development of a new project.


In addition to Bruni’s talented Innovation Center, customers also have access to Berlin Packaging’s design and innovation division, Studio One Eleven.
With 150+ years of combined experience, Studio One Eleven delivers world-class brand strategy, custom structural package and closure design, product design, and visual branding and packaging graphics. The team’s goal is to use design to increase a product’s sales, lower packaging costs, and greater efficiencies throughout the supply chain. They work with glass, plastic, and metal packaging.

You can learn more about Studio One Eleven by visiting