The product’s packaging decoration is a key element to achieve a correct position on the market and to be well distinguished from competitors.
Bruni Glass offers an innovative and high-quality service to create original products that can be easily recognized, totally consistent with their content.

The Bruni Glass Innovation Center specialists are available to give customers their advice regarding the multiple possible decorations of a bottle or a jar, with the objective to achieve the best results.
Decoration services:
acid etching and matte finish varnish, with and without shiny spots.
Covering, metal, transparent, matte varnish
High temperature screen printing decoration with ceramic inks and at low temperature with organic or UV inks
UV colour pad printing
decal (transfer designs)
hot printing
laser finish
components’ assembly (plastic, metal)

Please refer to page 84 of  “Trasparenze 2.0” for more details about decoration techniques.