A STORY OF expansion

1974 // Our beginnings
In Milano Vetrerie Bruni makes its debut in the sector of glass bottles and jars for foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals and closures.

1992 // Continual evolution
The company specialises in the study of product packaging and adds new sectors: spirits, wines, oil and vinegar.

1997 // Conquering America
The first offices are opened in the United States and Canada.

2009 // The birth of Bruni Glass
The company changes its names from Vetrerie Bruni to Bruni Glass, in line with its international vocation.
Debut in France. Bruni Glass France is constituted through acquisition of two French distributors: Tout pour la Cave and Verriere de Nice.

2014 // Growth in Italy
The company buys out Vetrerie Betti in Turin, a historic Italian business.

2015 // Spain beckons
The acquisition of Vidremar leads to the founding of Bruni Glass Vidremar S.L., the aim being to expand the product range and offer a more capillary services to the Iberian market.

2016 // Part of Berlin Packaging
Bruni Glass is bought out by Berlin Packaging - an American multinational and leader in the sector of glass, plastic and metal containers - thus uniting two international suppliers. In 2016, this new company posts a turnover of more than 2 billion dollars, and has over 100 sales offices and warehouses in North America and Europe and a portfolio exceeding 40,000 products: packaging in glass, plastic and metal, and closures.

2018 // Arrival in the UK
Berlin Packaging acquires the British company H. Erben Ltd., a supplier of closures, equipment and packaging for the food and beverage sector. The company is renamed Bruni Erben, a Berlin Packaging Company.

2019 // an extraordinary year with 5 important acquisitions.
1) Verrerie Calvet, today part of Bruni Glass France. Based in Aimargues, in southern France, this company specialises in the production of containers in glass and metal, and closures. It also offers customisation and decorative screen printing on glass.

2) Vetroservice. This company dates back to the early twentieth century when its founders dedicated their activity to covering the famous Chianti wicker wine bottles. Its location in Umbria is strategic for the supply of glass bottles and jars to the food and wine market.

3) Vincap & Adolfse Packaging, important Dutch suppliers of packaging, and closure specialists. These two companies boast plenty of experience in the field of closures for food and beverage containers and pharmaceutical product packaging for clients in northern Europe.

4) Vidrimon, one of the main suppliers of bottles for olive oil and innovative glass containers in southern Europe. The company is based in the heart of Andalusia in Spain and it merged with Bruni Glass Vidremar to create the new Bruni Glass Iberia, leader on the Spanish market.

5) Novio Packaging Group B.V. based in the Netherlands. A transition that strengthens the Berlin Packaging plastic product range across Europe, expands the company’s presence in northern Europe and increases its expertise in the markets of personal care, pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs and sports nutrition.

2020 // The presence in Europe is strategically expanded
1) Northern Europe - Vinkova B.V.
is a leading supplier of food products and drink glass packaging solutions, based in Bussum, the Netherlands. The Vinkova acquisition, for Berlin Packaging, is the completion of the range offered on the Dutch market.

2) South Europe - Repli, based in Barcelona, Spain, and Pentapackaging, based in Bergamo, Italy, will significantly expand the plastic packaging offering and the Berlin Packaging’s product portfolio for several key end markets, including industrial and specialty chemicals, food and beverage, household care, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.

3) Italy - Newpack strengthens the glass packaging offering in the Italian wine sector. The Company was founded by a team of entrepreneurs experienced in glass packaging and the food and beverage markets, particularly the Italian wine sector. 

2021 // Expansion in Europe continues
1) France - Sodis-Uhart and Audoubert, The two companies offer a wide range of glass and metal containers and packaging components and have more than 9,000 square meters of strategically located warehouse space to support their customers.

2) England - Roma International Plc, a leading supplier of bottles, jars and closures for for perfumes, skincare, aromatherapy, and other personal care products. Roma International has a large portfolio of glass and plastic bottles and jars, and pumps, sprayers, caps, and other closures, as well as custom designs and bespoke products to service luxury brands and high-end customers.   

3) Italy - Glass Line, Born from the passion of the Berruti and Loda families, Glass Line has forged strong customer relationships and has significant expertise in the wine and olive oil markets. The company is co-led by Umberto Berruti and Patrizia Zoppi and has an established presence across Northwest Italy, including two warehouses in Liguria.

4) England - Raepack, Based in Norwich, England, Raepak offers a wide variety of pumps, sprayers, dispensers, airless bottles, tubes, roll-on bottles, and other packaging containers and closures for the beauty industry. Raepak has a wealth of innovation and design experience to complement its product offering, which includes a range of recyclable and eco-friendly packaging.

5) Greece with locations in Bulgaria and Romania - Elias Valavanis has been synonymous with glass packaging in the region and is a key supplier of bottles and jars for olive oil, wine, spirits, soft drinks, and water. Elias Valavanis has long-term relationships with its supplier partners and its 1,500+ customers, who benefit from the company’s value-added services, including package structural design, decoration capabilities, and the company’s own glass recycling facility.

6) Spain - Juvasa Group. Based in Sevilla, and with locations throughout Spain, Portugal, and the Canary Islands, the Juvasa Group has an extensive commercial presence and logistical capabilities. The Juvasa Group also offers custom packaging design services through Avanza Packaging, its in-house design studio.

7) France - Gefran SAS - Founded in 1984 and acquired by Lionel Fruh in 2008, Gerfran is a unique player in the Aquitaine region of France.  Headquartered in La Réole, the company specializes in the sale of wine bottles

2021 // July 1 - Vincap B.V and Handelmaatschappij Vinkova B.V. will be merged into Novio Packaging BV and, following the mergers, the latter will change its name into Berlin Packaging Netherlands BV.
The change in company name will affect all companies, specifically:
Novio Packaging Group B.V. becomes  Berlin Packaging Holding Netherlands B.V.
Novio Packaging B.V. becomes Berlin Packaging Netherlands B.V.
Novio Packaging Scandinavia A/S becomes Berlin Packaging Denmark A/S
Deflaco AG becomes Berlin Packaging Switzerland AG
Novio Packaging HK Ltd becomes Berlin Packaging HK Ltd
Novio Metal Packaging Ltd becomes Berlin Packaging Metal UK Ltd
Novio Packaging Germany GmbH becomes Berlin Packaging Germany GMBH

2021 // October 1 - The process of integrating and rebranding the companies in the Berlin Packaging EMEA division continues.
Change of company name of the following companies :
Bruni Glass S.p.A. becomes Berlin Packaging Italy S.p.A.
Bruni Glass France SAS becomes Berlin Packaging France SAS
H Erben Limited becomes Berlin Packaging UK Ltd
H Erben Holdings Limited becomes Berlin Packaging Holding UK Ltd
Erben Packaging SA (Pty) Limited becomes Berlin Packaging South Africa (Pty) Ltd
Bruni Glass Iberia S.L.U. becomes Berlin Packaging Iberia S.L.U.

2022 // January 1 - The process of integrating and rebranding the companies in the Berlin Packaging EMEA division continues.
Change of company name of the following companies:
Repli S.L.U. becomes Berlin Packaging Industrial Italy S.r.l.
Pentapackaging S.r.l. becomes Berlin Packaging Industrial Italy S.r.l.
Roma International Ltd (former Roma International PLC) and Raepak Limited have transferred their assets and businesses to Berlin Packaging UK Ltd. Therefore, Roma’s and Raepak’s activities and businesses are now operating as Berlin Packaging UK Ltd.

2022 // February 28 - The process of integrating and rebranding the companies in the Berlin Packaging EMEA division continues.
Change of company name of the following companies:
Glass Line S.r.l. becomes Berlin Packaging Italy S.p.A.

2022 // The strategic expansion of the European presence continues

1) Italy- Premi S.p.A. - Headquartered in Milan, with over 150 employees throughout Europe, the United States, and Asia, Premi supplies a wide range of packaging products and services to leading cosmetic companies. 

2) France - Le Parfait Brands - Le Parfait is known for its iconic glass jars and lids manufactured by O-I France SAS and its affiliates. The beloved French brand is steeped in the tradition of homemade food preservation for jams, preserves, honeys, and terrines. 

3) Italy - Panvetri - Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Modugno (Bari) in southern Italy, Panvetri serves a wide range of wine estates, cooperative wineries, oil mills, and food manufacturers, mainly in the Apulia and Basilicata regions.  

4) France - Verrerie du Comtat - Located in the South of France, in the heart of the vineyards of Côtes du Rhône, Verrerie du Comtat is a distributor of packaging solutions for wine and spirits as well as for gourmet products: olive oil and vinegar.

5) Spain - Vidrierías Pérez Campos - It is a family-owned Spanish distributor of glass packaging for the olive oil, home fragrance, and spirits markets. Founded in 1987 and based in Rute (Córdoba) in southern Spain, it serves numerous local customers with high-quality glass packaging solutions.

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