all you would like to know about glass containers


Welcome in a world of Transparencies.
Over many years of activity,  end users or fillers of glass containers for food products have posed questions or asked clarifications .

“Transparencies 2.0”  is a collection of  information and  technical details that aim at giving an answer to those questions and at showing, at least partially, the peculiarities of those containers that are so common and to give explanations about the material they are made up of.

The different “chapters” of “Transparencies 2.0” can be of interest both for final consumers (for their information) and for professional users that often meet difficulties or doubts that are not so easy to clarify.

 “Transparencies” is mainly a descriptive book and not a teaching tool. Nevertheless it is worth saying that the information here contained represents the basis that the university students of Industrial Design used to learn and still use to develop new container shapes for the international contest called “Bruni Glass Design Award” (


Trasparenze Inglese Copertina