23/10/2020 - Petritoli, (FM) - Italy

Bruni Glass interviews Gaetano Agostini, owner of the oil mill of the same name, who retraces the choices linked to the packaging of his olive oil to create an exceptional product

Frantoio Agostini stands in the heart of the Aso valley, between the Sibillini Mountains and the Adriatic sea. This dynamic farm based in the Marches has been producing high quality olive oil since 1945 thanks to the passion and commitment of the family that gives it its name. A long tradition based on great know-how and an openness to innovation; lying deep in a diversified, uncontaminated landscape where the intense green of its hills and blue sea embrace a marvellous expanse of olive trees.

The company’s family management, now in the fourth generation, started with the creation of a small, traditional oil mill that began to think big in the 80s aspiring to a top quality product. Nowadays, the company is managed by Gaetano, son of the founder Alfredo, with his brother Maurizio and sons Marco and Elia.

Its decades-long experience and considerable know-how, passed down from father to son, have created a genuine, healthy product that has achieved many prestigious awards and successes over the years. Gaetano Agostini stresses how, at a certain point, the packaging developed for his product became a fundamental part of his work: "starting from technological innovation, we really worked on the image: the bottle can no longer be anonymous when the oil is of such high quality. That is why we worked to develop new graphics, and on a bottle that could measure up to the product".

So the Frantoio chose Oliena, a top range glass container developed by the Bruno Glass Innovation Center; a simple, modern packaging solution as it keeps the respect for tradition unchanged thanks to its low, cylindrical shape, yet provides a touch of originality. Without forgetting its incredible functionality, from being extremely easy to handle and stable, along with a wide label surface for considerable customisation.

Gaetano Agostini confirms that he is really pleased with the finished product, dedicating a few words to the relationship that has developed with our company: "Bruni Glass is a dynamic structure that satisfies our needs in full thanks to its high quality of service and providing a truly exceptional product"

Oliena can be considered the queen of olive oils, considering the great success had over the years especially in Italy, where the best olive oil producers have decided to rely on its innovative lines to launch their product on the market. Browse our gallery to learn more about it!