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The Oscar de l’Emballage is a contest organized by Emballage Magazine on the occasion of ALL4PACK, one of the most important 2B2 packaging Shows in Europe, formerly named Salon de l’Emballage.


We are particularly proud of FriNi, a system of swing-top jars, independent yet linked to each other by a smart clip-lock system that turns the bottom of the upper container into the lid of the container beneath. 


FriNi is a one-of-a kind-project and is extremely innovative. It is modular as it can be made with two or more containers, where one is a bottle and the others are jars. It is versatile as it is designed to contain beverages and various kind of food. It has a unique design, a very simple style and a traditional look that make it immediatelly stand out on the shelf. All these features brought FriNi to win the Special Mention Award of the 13th edition of the Bruni Glass Design Award. The Bruni Glass Design Award is a workshop-competition calling the most important European Design Schools and Universities to propose new glass shapes for food and beverage, launched, organized and sponsored by our Company.


FriNi is a sustainable project as it reusable by consumer after usage, being stackable, modular and hermetic. And it is a powerful marketing tool as producers can use it to present a selection of top-range foods and premium beverages, creating nice gift packages.


The name FriNi is a tribute paid by student designer, Karl Raupach, to Nickolai Fritzner, the German businessman who founded one of the first factories producing swing tops closures and who played a key role for the development of this closure system.